Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Highaskite create the kind of sparkling orchestral-pop that encourages you to look at the world with shiny fresh eyes. Lifted from their second album, Silent Treatment, "Hiroshima" is a slow build that weirdly reminds me a bit of "New Slang," if The Shins had a taste for the epic. And they were really into Christmas. And they were fronted by a whimsical dream babe called Ingrid whose vocals are rich like brandy-laced double cream, but also light like a meringue. (Yeah, okay, I'm hungry.)

Read their Firsties and Faves. 

First kiss? 

Ingrid: My first kiss was when i was 11 years old, in a truth or dare challenge. None of us wanted to, and I felt like i had wasted my first kiss. 

First physical fight? 

I remember hitting the girl next door with a rope with a hook on the end. She cried, and I felt terrible, and I think my mom literally burst into flames. 

First song your wrote?

I wrote my first song when I was 19. I used a poem by Emily Dickinson. I don't know what it was about, because Emily writes too difficult English for me to understand. 

First drug?

Does cigarettes count? I smoked my first cigarette when I was 10 next to a barn because I was friends with a girl that was three years older than me. I told my brother when I came home. He thought it was a dumb thing to do.

First serious accident?

I jumped down from a brick wall once when I was six or something. It really hurt, but I didn't break anything, and I went home and my mom took care of it with Band-Aid and stuff, and when I went back out I used two bicycle pumps as crutches, and told everyone they were real crutches that the doctor gave me. 

Favorite person on earth? 

My boyfriend, because he`s my boyfriend. 

Favorite thing in your house? 

My bed. It's warm and soft. 

Favorite word? 

Yes! It's easy to pronounce. 

Favorite food? 

Indian food and traditional Norwegian food. 

Favorite fictional character? 

I really like Alabama Withman from True Romance. I don't know why, she is just so cool.

Favorite button on a keyboard?

The on and off button. First way to see if it survived the sometimes rocky path to a venue. 

Highasakite Tour Dates: 

3.11 - Austin, TX - SXSW

3.14 - Austin, TX - SXSW

3.17 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge

For Highasakite European dates click here.

Silent Treatment is out on 4.8 on Propeller Recordings.

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