There aren’t many albums that boast 11 solid tracks so 3 Shots is unique in that even with its diversity, there are no throwaways. The duet with Lane on the finger-snapping “Highway 1” is a wonderful, retro leaning country rocker. The rootsy pop of “Sweet Tooth” seems like Tom Petty at his most direct and the sinewy “John Wayne” is reminiscent of the Dream Syndicate in their prime. Ballads such as the melancholy “Death of an Actress” and “Wait for Me Virginia” are just as catchy, with the latter seeming a lot like Traffic’s “Dear Mr. Fantasy” right down to its similar sounding guitar solo. Lyrics to the opening “Cathedral” about leading a friend to salvation are a bit too obvious, but the strummed acoustic guitars and a underlying military beat keep the song from sinking under their weight.

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